Testing the Dnipro turnstiles in the cold

23 April 2024
Testing the Dnipro turnstiles in the cold

What is a testing laboratory for a hemostatic tourniquet manufacturer? It is a place where technical tests are carried out and weaknesses are found in the complex processes of creating a tourniquet. Our laboratory is the key to understanding how to ensure efficient and reliable operation of the tourniquet in the most extreme conditions. We monitor every stage of the hemostatic tourniquet creation to find and correct any shortcomings and ensure the highest quality of the product. Thus, we guarantee that our tourniquet will work reliably and efficiently to save lives.

All kinds of tests

Our tool may seem perfect, but perfection requires constant maintenance. We carry out tests in various conditions to identify possible weaknesses in advance and prevent failure. This also allows us to reduce the influence of the human factor in the face of stress that may arise from the use of our tool on the battlefield or in the civilian sphere. We carry out all kinds of tests to ensure the highest quality and reliability of our tools.

Although the operating temperature of the DNIPRO hemostatic tourniquet is declared at -20°C, we test its endurance at temperatures even lower than that. This helps to determine the strength of the key structural elements that affect the functionality of the tourniquet. Below is a detailed list of the parameters we study:

  1. Absence of destructive changes in the polyamide pad under the gate.
  2. The ability to hold the tourniquet gate with a clip or horns after 4 half-turns with a working load.
  3. Tourniquet ring disengagement and coupling.
  4. The level of deformation of the tape tip, which may affect the ability to thread a metal buckle into the gap.
  5. The level of loss of the achieved pressure value for two hours of exposure on the stand.
  6. Structural changes in the tourniquet elements under prolonged exposure to low temperatures, as well as changes in the behavior of the tool during application are possible.
  7. Our ongoing testing ensures the highest quality of the tool and confidence in its reliability.