Tourniquets are not afraid of mud

17 May 2023



When people ask us what a hemostatic tourniquet is, we answer that it is a high-tech device that saves lives. To create it, we need more than just certain structural elements. We use sophisticated technologies, conduct technical calculations, practical research with volunteers, and tests in the extreme conditions of modern warfare. We strive for an efficient and predictable tourniquet that can operate in the most difficult conditions, even those similar to those that occurred, for example, near Bakhmut. Therefore, when you choose a hemostatic tourniquet from DNIPRO, you can be sure that you are choosing life and safety.


About testing

We test our products in our testing laboratory, where we create both standard and extremely difficult operating conditions to verify compliance with production specifications. We constantly analyze the results and set a limit beyond which performance becomes unpredictable.

In this case, we check the operation of the DNIPRO hemostatic tourniquet in conditions of excessive soil contamination. After the mud "procedures", the tourniquet is placed on the stand to study the characteristics of holding the required pressure level for two hours.