Where should the tourniquets be located on the fence?

17 May 2023

The need for tourniquets in military equipment

Battlefield conditions are always unpredictable, and soldiers must be prepared for any situation. One of the most important elements of equipment is a tourniquet. Every soldier should have at least two of them with him. The first one is in an individual first aid kit, and the second one is located on the ammunition.

It is advisable to have an agreement on the location of the second tourniquet for the entire unit. Its location should be visible and accessible to all. In stressful situations, when every second can save lives, it is important that every soldier can quickly find the necessary first aid tool. If fellow soldiers have a common understanding of the tourniquet's location, it can reduce the time it takes to provide assistance and prevent delays that can be dangerous.

In addition, it is important to make the tourniquet visible on the top of the equipment. This is especially important in zero visibility conditions when you need to act quickly and efficiently. Even when wearing tactical gloves, a general understanding of where the tourniquet is located can save lives and provide quick and effective assistance to the wounded.

Thus, according to the conditions of combat operations, it is important to have an agreement on the location of the tourniquet for the entire unit and to ensure its visibility on the top of the equipment. This can save lives.

Given that tourniquets are an integral part of medical equipment, it is important to carefully select and place them in units.

In addition, it is worth emphasizing the need for regular practice in using turnstiles. Soldiers must be trained to use turnstiles effectively in a variety of conditions, including stressful situations and zero visibility.

Training on the use of turnstiles should include both theoretical material and practical exercises with their use in situations that simulate combat operations.

Therefore, the location of turnstiles at the soldier's place is an important issue that requires a careful approach. The visual accessibility of turnstiles and regular practice with their use can help soldiers quickly and effectively provide assistance to the wounded on the battlefield.