Tourniquet Dnipro: there is a NATO code and European certification according to MDR requirements

03 April 2024

TQ Dnipro is pleased to announce two events that allow the official supply of the Dnipro hemostatic tourniquet not only to the Ukrainian army, but also to the troops and military formations of NATO member states.

Firstly, the Dnipro gen 2 tourniquet has been assigned the NATO Stock Number (code) 6515-61-017-6778, (NATO Stock Number, abbreviated NSN). This identifies it as a standardized item of equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations. 
The code is recognized by all Alliance countries, including the US Department of Defense;

Secondly, cooperation with the new official representative of TQ Dnipro in the European Union. A landmark event that finally completed the process of European certification of the Dnipro gen 2 tourniquet. The last step was the inclusion of the Ukrainian manufacturer, as well as the product itself, in the European database of medical devices EUDAMED.

Actor ID/SRN: UA-MF-000039898 (manufacturer)
Basic UDI-DI/EUDAMED DI: 0482026114TQDniproJG (Dnipro tourniquet)

These two events open up the international market for the Dnipro tourniquet and make it a part of Ukraine's global exports.

Together to Victory!
Glory to Ukraine!