12000 first aid kits prepared by American veterans

07 December 2023

More than 12,000 first aid kits were packed by American veterans for our military.

United, motivated and determined, they came to Ukraine to help save as many lives as possible.

They personally purchased and assembled #IFAK equipment, paying special attention to high-quality hemostatic tourniquets, among which #tqdnipro tourniquets received a personalized mark.

A recent visit to the production site, meeting with the company's management and directly testing the DNIPRO GEN2 tourniquets themselves, gave us confidence that #tqdnipro are reliable and effective, as they passed the "crash test" of military veteran Monty Dunard and his colleagues at the foundation.

We are glad to be a part of such a noble mission with a high honor of military veterans 🇺🇲

Learn more about the @travellingcolonels mission in the video.