Tactical protection for watches "Watch protector DNIPRO"
Protection of the watch face from scratches, scuffs and light masking
Price: 9 USD
Dial protection
  • Scratches
    DNIPRO watch protector for watches is designed to prevent scratches on the dial, but dirt and debris can accumulate in the material and scratch the surface of the watch and dial.
  • Bumps
    Even in civilian life, you may not notice and accidentally break your watch, let alone the situation at the front. To avoid such troubles, we recommend using our Tactical Watch Protection.
  • Light camouflage and blinkers
    If you are using a smartwatch, you simply need light masking for both the watch screen and the backlight of the sensors. For mechanics and quartz, you need glare protection. Both problems are solved by our Watch protector.
What watch is it suitable for
Here we will talk about the type of watch, not the model.
Our tactical camouflage strap is suitable for all types of mechanical and quartz watches. It will be especially useful if the protective glass of the dial is prone to scratches and scuffs.
Smart watch
Previously, it was impossible to wear a smartwatch on a tactical belt, the sensor did not work due to the lack of a seat for a smartwatch. Our model has a seat for a smartwatch sensor with a diameter of 30 mm.

Make sure that the size of the strap and the seat for the smartwatch sensor meet your requirements.
  • Belt sizes
    For a comfortable wearing of the tactical strap, make sure that the dimensions of the strap fit your wrist.
    Length - 275 mm
    Width (dial) - 50 mm
    Width (strap) - 40 mm
  • Strap colors
    Currently, there are eight colors in production: black, olive, pixel, multicam, multicam original, khaki, coyote, and sand.
  • Dimensions of the fit under the watch
    An important aspect for using the strap is the size of the seat for the watch.
    The width of the platform for classic watch models is 50 mm.
    The width of the seat (sensor space) of a smartwatch is 30 mm.
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