Турнікети Дніпро


    From the first day of the war, the company "VK Prostir" began implementing the strategy for emergency and emergency assistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The availability of production potential, equipment and specialists allowed us to decide in a short time where exactly we can implement this idea. After only two weeks, we received the first sample, which looks like a tourniquet.
    The American CAT GEN6 was taken as the prototype. Day and night we lived in development... we studied the experience of foreign manufacturing companies, provided samples for testing to paramedic specialists, doctors, tactical medicine instructors, in the hospital and hospital for comments and feedback. We understood that there was still a long way to an improved working option, but we were consciously ready to go this way. The processing of comments was also limited by the quality of the material available in Ukraine at the time of the outbreak of hostilities. We were looking for ways….

  It took two months to develop. Dozens of tests, Doppler ultrasound, of three dozen models of the "DNIPRO" tourniquet led us to the first sample approved by the Tourniquet Testing Center. Not stopping there, we provided more than 1,000 training tourniquets  free of charge to all willing paramedic training centers, institutions and tactical medicine training associations.
There were two goals:
- assistance in ensuring the educational process;
- continue testing in conditions close to combat and receiving feedback.
Our own laboratory for testing and quality control of tourniquets production has been implemented.


Personal thanks to all the experts who took an active part in the birth of the new domestic hemostatic tactical harness of the DNIPRO tourniquet!

Together to victory ! Our Victory!

  • CAT type
  • Length 92 cm
  • The width of the harness is 40 mm
  • Weight 120g
  • Fixing bar - metal (aluminum)
  • Buckle - double-pass metal (steel)
  • For one-time use only
  • Overlapping according to the instructions (attached)
  • Complete with a marker
  • The packaging is a heat-shrinkable film

550 UAH/piece
(Discount depends on order quantity)


Pre-order (feedback form), queue 3-5 days, 100% advance payment (IBAN/SWIFT)
  • 12 months from the date of production
  • Return according to the current legislation of Ukraine (within 14 days)





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