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    High quality product
    Dnipro tourniquets are highly effective at stopping bleeding thanks to a self-adjusting lacing system that allows you to apply precise pressure to the affected area. In addition, Dnipro Tourniquets have a more durable design and are made from high quality materials, ensuring a long service life.
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    Information support
    In case of questions, consumers can use the services of the information support line, the chatbot in the Telegram messenger or e-mail. The operators are professionals in their field who have all the necessary information to provide effective and timely assistance.
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    Confidence in saving life
    The most important thing you can be sure of when you buy a tourniquet from our official distributor is that it will save the life of a soldier or civilian in a difficult situation and it will not let you down.
... and most importantly - you gain confidence
in the reliable operation of your chosen product.

Mark of conformity
The label contains information about us and the product: product name, batch number, expiry date and production date. Please note that the nameplate on this tourniquet is stitched, not glued.

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UAB "BALTIJOS ARSENALAS" - Our friends from Lithuania, for more than twenty years, have been providing their customers, offline and online, with excellent service and a range of high-quality products.

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You can also call and order Dnepr 2 harnesses to transfer them to the front.
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