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Item Description

Price (per piece)

Tourniquet DNIPRO GEN 2 (Patented):
1000-3500 pcs;
$ХХХ USD EXW Dnipro, Ukraine
3500-7000 pcs;
$ХХХ USD EXW Dnipro, Ukraine
7000-10000 pcs;
$ХХХ USD EXW Dnipro, Ukraine
10000 pcs and more
$ХХХ USD EXW Dnipro, Ukraine
Pouch for the Tourniquets:
$ХХХ USD EXW Dnipro, Ukraine
$ХХХ USD EXW Dnipro, Ukraine
Evacuation Stretchers:
$ХХХ USD EXW Dnipro, Ukraine
$ХХХ USD EXW Dnipro, Ukraine
$ХХХ USD EXW Dnipro, Ukraine
Paramedic Backpack
The prices are calculated
Tactical Watch Pouch
$ХХХ USD EXW Dnipro, Ukrain
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You can also call and close the Dnipro 2 tourniquets to transfer them to the front.
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